An aspirin a day to improve your health?

A recent study indicates that an aspirin-a-day may do a lot more damage to your health than just stomach problems. 

The American Association for Cancer Research in Phoenix, Arizona presented a study in October, 2003.  The study indicated that people who take an aspirin-a-day may risk pancreatic cancer!

They studied 88,000 women who took aspirin for a long period of time. 

Women who took two or more aspirin a week had an increase risk for pancreatic cancer by a whopping 58% and the women who took 14 or more aspirin a week increased their risk of pancreatic cancer by an amazing 86%!

Why would someone take an aspirin-a-day? 

We are made to believe that an aspirin-a-day will reduce our risk of heart disease.  We may reduce our risk of heart attacks but we increase our risk for other diseases such as: stomach problems, kidney problems, stops your blood from clotting correctly and even pancreatic cancer. 

According to recent studies, research shows that aspirin might cause as many problems as it’s supposed to prevent.  The HeartCenter online recommends not taking an aspirin if you have high blood pressure. 

Another recently discovered aspirin side effect is aspirin-induced asthma, which could effect up to 21% of all those who regularly take it or other NSAIDs. This discovery was based on 66 medical papers dating back to 1964. 

According to a new study in the British Medical Journal, many people who regularly take aspirin still suffer from heart problems, giving birth to a new condition: aspirin resistance.

Doesn’t it make better sense to reduce your risk of heart disease by adopting a wellness lifestyle?  With a healthy lifestyle there are no risks of side effects.