Do you have shoulder pain? DO NOT SLEEP IN ANY OF THESE POSITIONS

Today, I’d like to assist you in addressing the correct issue when it comes to shoulder pain.

I’ve discovered that in many situations, shoulder pain is transferred pain from the bile duct.

This duct becomes clogged, putting pressure on the phrenic nerve, which runs all the way up into your neck. When this nerve is inflamed, shoulder discomfort might occur. To assist minimize this pressure, it’s critical to follow a keto diet and practice intermittent fasting. Purified bile salts or a Gallbladder Formula may also be required.

There is a simple hanging exercise you can do if you have a shoulder problem that has not been reported to a doctor. This, I believe, is the finest workout for shoulder pain. (I cover this exercise in this video).

Something you ate the day before could have triggered shoulder inflammation. It is critical to reduce omega-6 fatty acids while increasing omega-3 fatty acids. Stinging nettle root is one of the greatest natural cures for inflammation that I’ve discovered. Ketogenic and intermittent fasting are also necessary. Combining vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 can also be useful.

Sleeping tips for those with shoulder pain:

  1. Avoid sleeping on your side with all of your weight on your shoulder joint. Tuck your shoulder in about 2 inches forward instead.
  2. Check that your head is in line with your spine.
  3. Roll up a small towel or washcloth and place it under your neck for support and to relieve pressure on your shoulder.
  4. Wrap a small towel or washcloth around your ribcage and place it beneath your shoulder.
  5. Avoid looking too far forward or backward.
  6. Purchase a high-quality pillow.
  7. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  8. Avoid sleeping on your back with your hands beneath your head.
  9. Place a pillow between your knees while sleeping.

If you have shoulder pain, the ideal position to sleep in is: On your side, with your head on a nice cushion and in a neutral posture, your shoulders curled forward, a rolled towel under your neck and ribcage, and a pillow between your knees.