3 Things to consider before getting a hip surgery

As many of you may know by now from my previous article, it was a hip dysfunction that lead the legendary singer Prince on a downward spiral of surgeries and pain medications to manage the symptoms of structural dysfunction. As is so often the case, this strategy lead to Princes’ death.

If you stop for a moment and think about it, the medical strategy for a hip that is deteriorating faster than the body can repair it.

First it starts with a chemical solution to your problem in the form or pain mediations and NSAIDS.
Meanwhile the destruction to your hip is still taking place, the only difference is now you are a bit more comfortable while it happens.

Once the damage has gotten so severe, the medical strategy is to pivot from a chemical response to a physical one, in the form of a total hip replacement.

Often times, little dysfunction, if not corrected can turn into life long problems, as was seen with Prince.

If you or someone you love is thinking about a hip replacement, here are 3 you must ask before committing to a surgery that you can never undo:

1. Will hip replacement surgery fix the cause or treat the symptom?

Much like misalignments in your car, if you have misalignments in your body, it will cause excessive and uneven damage. I have never met a person yet, when investing in a brand new tire, that did not also get a wheel alignment. Yet, that is exactly what they do when it comes to their own body. You should at least have as much respect for yourself as you do for your car.

First step is to check and correct any body misalignments. For a detailed description on how to check your posture click here.

In addition to proper body alignment, Proper movement and function are also key.

There are 17 muscles that cross the hip joint. Restriction or dysfunction in any of of these can cause improper movement patterns in the hip resulting in excessive stress. It is essential that these muscles are able to move freely without adhesions or restrictions, as well as provide enough strength and stability to protect the joint.

My advice is to find a skilled practitioner that can assess any abnormalities. You are going to be doing rehabilitation exercises if you get the surgery anyway. There is no way around it. You might as well try balancing the structure out first. You just might be surprised at the miracle in your body waiting to be awakened.

expression of your innate intelligence

2. Are you helping or hindering the expression of your innate intelligence?

It is always shocking to me the number of people that are willing to put themselves through the dangers and pain of major surgery before they have given 100% effort into aiding the body’s natural healing process.

I promise you, healing can only come from within and God does not make mistakes. The design is perfect.

Any deviation from that design is due to an inability of that innate intelligence to express itself. Study shows that lifestyle choices are responsible for over 90% of health problems.

Study shows that lifestyle choices are responsible for over 90% of health problems.

What that means is that even if you decide hip replacement is your best option, if you do not understand and correct the destructive behavior, you should start planing another hip replacement surgery for your opposite side because it will most likely follow the disease pattern that caused the first one.

3. Do you have a diet focused on tissue health?

Consumption of sugars, starches and processed foods have all been found to be contribution factors in degenerative disease in both test animals as well as humans. The reason for this is that the protective coating around joints called cartilage, does not have its own blood supply. Without blood, the tissue does not heal as quickly. For this reason, a diet focused on tissue health will greatly increase your chances of not only prevention but recovery as well.

The most destructive substance to joints is refined sugar. If you have arthritis of the hip or anywhere else for that matter, stop eating these foods immediately. There are healthy options like honey that will not only give you the sweetness but also provide beneficial nutrients as well. Stevia vs. agave

Not to be outdone by sugar, dairy is can cause a plethora of problems too, including osteoporosis.

Finally, water. It is the primary make up of our body. Be sure to drink about 1/2 body weight in oz per day.

A word of caution if you are taking an INSAID for symptom relief. Repair of cartilage of joints need proper sugar handling. NSAIDs causing a decrease in availability of sulfer for repair of cartilage of joints. The current treatment approach of traditional medicine is a reduction of pain and stiffness. Analgesics, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are most commonly prescribed.

Although NSAIDS have a definite effect in pain reduction, a percentage of patients have severe gastrointestinal problems after prolonged intake. Some NSAIDS, particularly aspirin can actually destroy cartilage and block its repair.

And quickly, you want to be sure you are consuming enough of all the nutrients that go into optimal cellular growth. These include: Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3s), Vitamin C, Glucosamine/Condroitin sulfate, Another essential cofactor for the synthesis of collagen and chondroitin sulfates is manganese. Studies have shown that as we age the amount of manganese in our cartilage decreases. And finally, if all else fails, a small but significant cofactor in the process is MSM.

Final Thoughts

So there you go folks. It is my belief that if everything that I just discussed with you is functioning at optimal levels, you will not need the surgery. I can not tell you how many patients have been saved from the agony of total hip replacement. If you or someone you love is suffering. Get in touch with us through our contact page. We will help you optimize your health and innate human potential.

It is our intention to reach as many people as we can and help them reach their full health potential! So if you find this article valuable, do share!