The real answer to health restoration

Think about this for a moment, man is the living expression of God’s intelligence. We started out as two identical cells and over the next nine months grew into a human being. What is it that causes each cell to do the right thing at precisely the right moment in order to form a person?

The answer is Innate Intelligence.

Innate intelligence is best thought of as an expression of God’s intelligence through living matter in accordance with the environment and the quality of the material in which it manifests itself.

Innate Intelligence controls and coordinates all life.

It is the difference between the living from the dead.

If Innate Intelligence is blocked life ceases to exist.

But if instead of being blocked, it is simply slowed down, much like stepping on a garden hose, you get dysfunction and eventually disease.

don't be a victim of death by medicine

Many people mistakenly interpret symptoms as the focus of their problems without realizing there can be no effect (symptoms) without a cause.

Medications are designed to address the effects leaving a person with a false sense security that health has been restored.

A report published in 2006 titled: “Death by Medicine,” based on peer-reviewed scientific studies, concluded that in America alone over 100,000 people a year die due to properly prescribed medications.

In order to restore health we must first ask why is our innate intelligence not expressing itself?

The answer is never due to a lack of medications. The restoration of health can only come from within by reestablishing structural, mental and chemical balance in our bodies. Only if we honor God’s design and live in harmony with nature, can we reconnect with the flow of our inborn “Innate Intelligence” thereby expressing God’s design.