The QUICK and EASY Remedy for Hiccups

Hiccups are involuntary sounds caused by diaphragmatic spasms. When the diaphragm spasms, it prevents the vocal cords from functioning properly, causing a hiccup. Hiccups are usually harmless and resolve on their own after a few minutes. Prolonged hiccups that last for days or weeks may be a sign of an underlying disorder in some cases.

Let’s talk about quick hiccup remedies.

But first, the causes:

• Laughing

• Talking too much

• Eating fast

• Stress

Hiccups can be traced back to an imbalance between the body’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Too little carbon dioxide causes an alkaline state in the human body. Hiccups are a sign of alkalosis. An animal study found that raising CO2 levels was effective in curing hiccups.

Hiccups can be eliminated by increasing CO2 through any of the following methods.

Don’t breathe for a while

Invert your glass and take a swig

Paper bag breathing: Slowly inhale and exhale through your nose (5 sec. in 5 sec. out)