Is the Y Strap adjustment safe?

We live in a world where gravitational forces are a constant stressor on the body. Our spines are designed in such a way to dissipate those forces through several curves or arcs in the body. These curves are so essential to good health that the one in the neck is actually called “the arc of life”.

Unfortunately, through the stresses of modern living, things like sitting, texting, laptop computers, we have remolded our spines to a less than optimal position. When that happens, the gravitational forces on the body are no longer benign. The spine can no longer dissipate these forces and they begin to deteriorate the spine and discs, albeit slowly at first. That is where the chiropractic adjustment comes in.

Consistent chiropractic adjustments are designed to gently move the spine back into its original, optimal position to adequately handle gravitational stress. This process takes can take some time, depending on how big the distortion is and how long it has been out of place. Think of a dentist trying to straighten teeth

Taking chiropractic to the next level

After the chiropractor has adjusted the spinal position into a more optimal architecture and made sure the bones have the adequate potential for movement, in order to give the best care possible, the chronic, pathological gravitational stress must be addressed. This is where the Y strap comes in.

Y strap gets its name because it provides a distraction through the Y-Axis, or simply put, a distractive force counter to the compressive force of gravity. By stretching the spine in the Y-Axis, the discs between the vertebrae get decompressed and pressure on the nerves that exist in the spine is reduced.

Spinal decompression involves stretching the spine, to increase the space between the vertebrae. It has been used for decades to reduce symptoms of spinal compression. Spine decompression is achieved by performing mechanical, or manual, Y-Axis traction on the spine. The traction separates the vertebrae, which in turn reduces pressure on the discs that generates a vacuum that enables nutrients to flow into the discs. The traction also stretches or mechanically relaxes, other soft tissue, such as ligaments and tense muscles. If sustained traction is applied, the stretch can reduce muscle spasms and increase the blood supply to the soft tissues and intervertebral discs.

Is the Y-strap adjustment safe?

Spine traction has been in use by health care professionals for hundreds of years. It has been proven to have a positive effect from a physiological, anatomical, and neurological perspective. Because traction through the Y-Axis only applies force vertically, without any rotation or lateral bending, from a vascular perspective, the Y-Axis manipulation is safer as the vessels are not placed under tension from flexing or rotating.

Parting Words

Like any spinal adjustment, Y-strap adjustments are safe if they are performed by a licensed and reputable chiropractor. In fact, it is even safer than regular adjustments. So the next time you get an adjustment, just simply lay down and have your spine decompressed through a Y-strap. Relax and let your chiropractor do the axial distraction. No need to worry! Your chiropractor literally (and figuratively) has got your back!